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MSP360 Connect: Remote Desktop Software for Windows

Securely connect to and control remote Windows PCs from anywhere. A wide range of features and flexible pricing make MSP360 Connect (formerly Remote Desktop) a perfect remote access tool for MSPs and businesses worldwide.

Remote Desktop for Windows with MSP360
Fast and Stable Connection
Advanced Security Standards
Web Console and Unlimited Endpoints
Web-Based Remote Access to Windows Devices new

Better Than Microsoft RDP

It’s no secret that one of the biggest concerns around remote desktop tools for Windows is security. In this guide, we cover all the advanced security features of MSP360 Connect, explain what the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol is, what its main security vulnerabilities are, and why you should consider MSP360 instead.
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Better Than Microsoft RDP

Access Windows Computers Effortlessly and Securely

Access Computers Faster With Seamless Installation

Save time and install MSP360 Connect on remote machines in a few minutes using our deployment feature; configure an installation build and automatically install the agents in bulk.
Access Computers Faster With Seamless Installation

Be Sure Your Remote Session Is Secure

Our remote desktop software for Windows meets the highest standards of data security. Once the session starts, it is fully encrypted using the RSA encryption algorithm. Moreover, a customizable PIN and password, brute-force protection, and the ability to encrypt configuration settings are included to provide additional layers of security.
Be Sure Your Remote Session Is Secure

Manage All Connections From a Single Web Console

We value your time and have created a web console as an easy way to overview, run, and manage all your remote connections in one place. Spend less time switching from one client to another; just click the plug icon next to the required computer and you’re in.
Manage All Connections From a Single Web Console

Access Windows Devices via a Browser

You can establish a connection with a Windows device right from the web-based console without having to install the MSP360 Connect app on the computer you want to connect from.
Access Windows Devices via a Browser

One Windows Remote Desktop Tool For Any Situation

Remote Support

With the current hybrid workflow, remote support is getting harder and less predictable. But, whether you provide remote support to your clients or your own team, you can be sure that MSP360 Connect is the right tool for the job. Just seamlessly connect to an active Windows session and resolve issues on the fly.
Remote Support

Work From Home

MSP360 remote desktop connection software for Windows is a great solution for those people who work from home from time to time and need to access files from their work computer. Access any files you keep on your Windows computer from any device to stay productive and connected.
Work From Home

Remote Learning

Distance learning has become more relevant than ever. With the help of the “meetings” feature, students can attend classes remotely. During the meeting, teachers can share their screens and record sessions. There is also a chat facility, where students can ask their questions.
Remote Learning

Connect From Any Device

Connect remotely right from your iPhone! Provide support and access Windows devices wherever you are, and from any system – Windows, macOS, iOS or Android.
Connect From Any Device

MSP360 Connect: Secure Remote Desktop Software for Windows

Main Features

MSP360 Connect is feature-rich and ready for action.

Fast and Stable Connection

Real-time connection based on WebRTC technology.

Advanced Security

2FA, SSL-encrypted internal and external connections, and password-level security ensure full data protection.

Multi-Monitor Support

Connect to devices with multiple monitors and easily switch between them, or view all.

File Transfer

Share files during the session.

Session Recording

Record your remote sessions and meetings, then play them back via a built-in Session Player.

Text and Voice Chat

Speak or exchange text messages while connected.

Multi-User Sessions

Join an existing remote session with your co-workers.

Pro Managed

Unattended Access

Set up a remote session without a connection partner on the other end.


Centralized Management

Overview, run and manage your remote connections from a web console. Create customer software builds and install them across multiple endpoints in bulk.


new Web-Based Remote Access

Access Windows devices via a browser without having to install the MSP360 Connect app on your computer. Simply log into the MSP360 web console and connect.



See full statistics on which of your team members has run a session, what endpoint they connected to, and for how long.


Black Screen and Lock Input

Protect your data by temporarily turning a user’s screen black during a session.

Frequently Asked Questions About MSP360 Connect

How does MSP360 Connect work?
The tool allows you to access other devices remotely. All you need to do is install MSP360 Connect on your computer and the remote computers and establish a connection either directly from the web console or from the software.
How much does MSP360 Connect cost?
The price depends on the selected edition. Compare our plans and choose the one that suits you best.
What other operating systems do you support?
MSP360 Connect users can access Windows PCs from any computer or mobile device – that includes Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.
Which Windows systems can I connect to?
You can connect to Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2022, Windows Server 2008/2012 R2, and Windows 7/8/10/11.

MSP360 Connect: Remote Desktop Solution for Windows